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I only work with people who are truly ready to invest in themselves, as this is how you will get the absolute best results possible out of your program.
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Healthy Homo 30 Day Vegetarian

30 Day Program

Want to save the world? Your health? the animals? But, kinda not really sure how to do "vegetarian" or "vegan" healthily?

The Healthy Homo 30 day Vegetarian is an excellent entry level group coaching program for people who need a kick start into their vegetarian health and happiness. The program is best designed for people who want education, information, meal plans, food swaps, better health, more energy and to be their optimal weight and health :)  Long lasting  results and habits without the yoyo dieting and stupid shake diet mentality.

You will follow a 30 day meal plan & exercise program along with some handy lifestyle hints to help you make life a whole lot easier! You will join other, like minded “where do we even start” people  on the same mission as you, to become a Healthy Homo who is always SAVING THE PLANET!

At the end of this program you will be at least 1 jean size smaller, your arms will look much more toned in a singlet and your confidence will be UP! You will have some healthy habits under you belt to keep you getting results after the program finishes. plus you would have saved 10 chickens, 1 cow, 1/2 a pig and 5 fish (based on an average "balanced" diet)

If you are on a budget, need a kick start and are wanting a similar circle of influence for motivation then this is the program for you.


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Ten Kilos in Ten Weeks!

10 Week Program

This program is designed for those who need support, positivity, to be THE BEST they can be and to rid 10 kilos in 10 weeks!

If you are confused, lost and want your energy and life back, have a desire to be fit and happy again and want to now invest in YOURSELF. This is the program for you.

It’s YOUR time. You will become:

  • Confident!
  • Ten Kilos GONE!
  • Fit and Healthy!
  • HAPPY! With a bounce in your step,
  • You will think about YOU
  • You will start to feel absolutely amazing and realise YOU are WORTH IT
  • You will look amazing in jeans (2 sizes down)
  • Your arms will sell singlets
  • Your friends will comment on how good you look these days
  • Your heart will heal
  • You will attract beautiful people
  • You will learn how to KEEP this happy and healthy!
  • You will embrace adventures

Lets do this!


Total Healthy Homo Transformation 

Minimum 12 Weeks -  Individualised for you

This 12 week program is perfectly designed for busy, stressed out, overweight, tired individuals who are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired! This program will enable you to lose up to 3 jean sizes, learn healthy habits which are EASILY integrated into your already busy lifestyle. Tips to give you MORE time. More energy. More confidence!~

This program is metabolically designed to give your body MORE food with LESS need for exercise. This program is based on whole foods and not on shake diets, pills or eating like a rabbit. Your body will thrive on the easily accessible meal plan provided.

The ‘Total Healthy Homo Transformation’ is no ‘quick fix’ but you will definitely see some rapid, life changing results! You will drop up to 3 jean sizes. 10kg PLUS in fat loss. Guaranteed.

This program is designed to educate you, empower you and inspire you to live an active lifestyle with balance and harmony. This program is a total overhaul of mind, body and spirit. Don’t be overwhelmed it’s just a bunch of small changes that are needed to see huge RESULTS in your body – and fast!

You will receive a fully individualised meal plan and exercise program for your level and time restraints. You will receive 1-1 support from your personal coach. Me. You will have access to a secret VIP group filled with people experiencing the same difficulties as you.

This program includes educational webinars and online cooking classes. This program is not for the faint hearted, it is for committed individuals who realise it’s time to make their health and lifestyle a priority.

If you are committed, looking for a complete transformation of the old into new, more energy, more time, education, inspiration, new friends, new mindset, new body, new clothes, new outlook on life.

Then THIS is the program for you


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