"I love PinkFitz and what they are doing for our gay community."
For the team to inspire you all in healthy living is brilliant. They work hard and get results. Myself and my partner are 100% behind PinkFitz and believe the best way to reach your goals and dreams (and meet the girl of your dreams) is to start with yourself, no better way than to lead a healthy and happy life. Dont forget: happy healthy wife, happy healthy life. "
Kenani "Madhouse" Mangakahia - MMA Athlete



I would like to thank Kate for everything she has done for me so far within the last few months with the next and new stage of my weight lose it's been great , starting to definitely see the changes now
Tash - Sunshine Coast, Australia



"The closest shop in a 2 hour drive and still that doesn't stop me from eating healthy"

Edith has been an online client of PinkFitz as she lives in rural Australia, 2 hours from her nearest shop. Edith makes things happen. Finding all her local produce and ingredients she needs and stocking up, planning key. Edith began her PinkFitz transformation feeling bloated, tired, low on energy and couldn't get rid of her bloated and inflamed stomach. Now, Edith has reached her goal, is toned, strong and healthy and bounces out of bed with energy. Edith is now studying personal training and working alongside the Heart Foundation to enable and educate others in healthy living.


Lose the bloat and inflammation

Far too often it is the foods we are eating, the times we are eating and the smallest little changes which make all the difference. This photo is the progress of ONE SMALL CHANGE which resulted in a massive reduction in belly bloat within two weeks! It's not what YOU think YOU know, it's asking someone WHO DOES KNOW for help!

It's a lot simpler than you think with the right program and coach. I promise :) 


"I just want to be strong enough to last longer in the surf"

Sez is an avid surfer and wanted to improve her strength, cardio and endurance so she could surf more often and for longer! She also wanted to get that 6 pack shinning through! #cleaneating #30daybuttkicker #wholefoods #pinkfitzvip


"I want to be able to climb a mountain"

"There is nothing better than achieving your goals". climbing a mountain for the first time is an enthralling experience! Something I have wanted to do for a very long time! Finally smashed!


"I can't lose my stubborn belly"

"I had tried for years to get the bloated belly look gone forever. I had tried all supplements, shakes, more water, more exercise and i couldn't lose the gut. I was so thankful after my 30 Day Butt Kicker with Kate that my stomach had shrunk, my digestive system worked better than ever and I was starting to feel those hidden abs!"


I'm getting married!

After meeting her fiancé through PinkFitz, Laura is off to get married feeling healthy, strong, vibrant and confident! 




Tired, cranky, bloated, aches and pains! 5 weeks later and Nik's skin is glowing, her body eliminating body fat where she doesn't need it. Feeling stronger than ever!


It doesn't take long to see results! 

One week and you can expect 2-3kg LOSS! One client lost 4.7kg one week! That was a record! 

Knowing the tricks makes all the difference!