Make your ex wish she wasn't

Make your ex wish she wasn't


8 Week Program

This program is designed for those who need support, positivity, to be THE BEST they can be and to heal their heart.

If you are  recently single, want your life back, have a desire to be fit and happy again and want to now invest in YOURSELF. This is the program for you.

It’s YOUR time. You will become:

  • Confident!
  • Toned!
  • Fit and Healthy!
  • HAPPY! With a bounce in your step,
  • You will think about YOU
  • You will start to feel absolutely amazing and realise YOU are WORTH IT
  • You will look amazing in jeans
  • Your arms will sell singlets
  • Your mutual friends will comment on how good you look these days
  • Your heart will heal
  • You will attract beautiful people
  • You will forget her and her twat friends
  • You will embrace adventures

Lets do this!

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You will start to plan to travel, to live... freedom... happiness...

You will wonder how you ever got through feeling so average when now you feel so amazing

You will feel WORTH IT

  • Free
  • Happy
  • Fit
  • Confident

….and then when you see her and her jaw hits the ground. You can smile and thank her. Because, if she wasn't such an arse you never would have felt so bloody good..

First in, best sex
Dont waste time...
This is YOUR time now
Not hers.