Healthy Homo 30 Day Challenge

Healthy Homo 30 Day Challenge


30 Day Program

Unmotivated? Tired? Don’t really know where to start? Need some guidance? Some fine tuning and to lose that 5kg that just hangs around? Need to be surrounded by similar people to get that boost into an active, healthy lifestyle again?

The Healthy Homo 30 day Challenge is an excellent entry level group coaching program for people who need a kick start into health and happiness. The program is best designed for people who want fast, hard hitting, long lasting weight loss results without the yoyo dieting and stupid shake diet mentality.

You will follow a 30 day meal plan & exercise program along with some handy lifestyle hints to help you make life a whole lot easier! You will join other, like minded “not so healthy homos” on the same mission as you, to become a Healthy Homo!

At the end of this program you will be at least 1 jean size smaller, your arms will look much more toned in a singlet and your confidence will be UP! You will have some healthy habits under you belt to keep you getting results after the program finishes.

If you are on a budget, need a kick start and are wanting a similar circle of influence for motivation then this is the program for you.


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