PinkFitz Goes Global

PinkFitz - Gay and Lesbian Health and Fitness is a revolutionary, world first in ONLINE Personal Training for the LGBTIQ*community, offering customised web-based personal fitness training programs, nutritional meal plans and 24/7 interactive, online support.

Kate Fitzpatrick, Founder & Director says, “There are so many issues facing our community - high levels of obesity/anxiety/depression and often, the task of losing weight, staying positive and living well seems unattainable, that’s why I created PinkFitz.”

PinkFitz strive to create the healthiest online gay village in the world by offering an innovative approach to health and wellbeing. PinkFitz deliver step by step transformation programs including tailored diet and fitness plans and FREE health and lifestyle assessment for new members.

Plus, PinkFitz provide ongoing advice, mentoring and support to help members to ensure they maintain motivation. This sense of community, combined with healthy meal and exercise plans is a powerful combination to instill healthy life choices. 

 “We work with clients from all over the world who are straight, gay and bi-sexual who feel intimidated working out in gyms, surrounded by sculpted bodies and high tech machines. Our clients want personalised service, support and friendship, that’s where our online programs, VIP Groups, VIP forums, weekly Google Hangouts and Skype chats come into their own”, said Kate.

2014 is an exciting time for team PinkFitz as they enjoy phenomenal growth, engage in sporting sponsorship opportunities, enlisting new clients and recruiting expert staff across the globe.

To learn more about PinkFitz, request information or discuss membership opportunities, please visit: Alternatively, Kate Fitzpatrick is contactable via email or telephone +61 478 412 778

Di Kennedy