The Black Dog - Depression


It's very, very real. They call it "The black dog".

I have a white dog, but I've had the black dog, it still visits occasionally. It's like feeding a stray, hangs around, wanting more and more. You give in and it hooks harder than the last time. No one understands depression better than those who have had it or still have it.

Riddled with self talk that sucks away at any confidence. Thoughts which grate at your soul and an anxiety which feels like a never ending roller coaster. There are many forms of treatment, help, medicines, foods, mindfulness and therapy. I get it. I've been there.

This post isn't about that though, this post is simply saying, I get you, I understand and I'm here. Because the one thing that has really helped me over the years is knowing I'm not the only one. That other people "get it". Black dog and white dog together... It's time to release the shame of mental illness.

Ps: Having a gorgeous white dog like mine helps keep black dogs out of my yard. ;) 

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Kate Fitz