Do you Green Smoothie?

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Do you Green Smoothie?

I’m an 80s kid so I grew up with Ninja Turtles and “you can’t do that on television” where green slime was poured over someone’s head if they said “what”. 

I grew up on toast, weetbix, mashed spuds and snags (for the Americans that’s mashed potatoes and sausages)

I wouldn’t touch some green slime drink..... even now I am immune to drinking green slime... because it’s soooo tasty!

It’s amazing how we can be accustomed to a certain thing, thought, way of life..... 
I wonder where I’d be if stayed on toast, ciggies and iced coffee for my hangover.... probably dead.

From Espresso Martini to Green Smoothies.... it’s one step at a time... one day at a time.... one drink change at a time. Shit, that could be a program.

What’s your take? 

Do you drink green? Or is it pretty far fetched from
where you are currently? 

Be honest, let me know where YOUR lifestyle is at. It no use me giving you Green Slime recipes if you’d prefer Espresso Martini (which I actually do have on my VIP database) ha!


Recipe for this one: That DOESN'T taste like slime! #promise

1 celery stick

1 handful of spinach

1/2 to 1 full banana (I use frozen and makes smoothie creamier)

1/3 chopped cucumber

1 teaspoon chia seeds - not vital but helps you poop!

1 and 1/2 cups of water

Blitz that bad boy until creamy delight!

If new to green smoothies, add a hint of honey to sweeten it, the banana should be enough, but if you are new, try a little honey, honey :)


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Kate Fitz