Let's the blow the lid on overpriced "Superfoods"

Let me blow this over priced "superfood" business right out of the water.

Almond meal - blended almonds.
That's it.

Almond butter- blend almonds for longer. That's it

"Activated" almonds - almonds took a bath overnight. Soaked for few hours. That's it.

Activated Cashew butter - cashews had a bath then got blended to smithereens.
That's it.

High protein oats - they all have higher protein than rice bubbles. It's marketing.

Gluten free Guacamole - never had to gluten in the avocado to begin with.

Fat free - Doesn't need fat, it's full of sugar.

Sugar free- doesn't have refined white sugar because it's a chemical shit storm full of toxic chemicals which WILL kill you.

Whole grain - we didn't process it as much

Brown bread - coloured white bread.

Multigrain - white bread with a cup of seeds.

Quinoa superfood wraps - white wraps with 5% quinoa. Buy more chicken.

Barn laid - chickens free to be squashed in a barn not cage. Kinda like being at a festival mosh pit.

Hormone free - well good to see you now promote not adding shit to your meat.

Grass fed- ummm well what else do cows eat? This is marketing now?

100% Australia Beef - company name not ingredients list. Ya Big Mac ain't 100% beef. Sorry.

Fat free apple - in stores soon.

Seriously, ask questions, read ingredients not marketing.

I got ya back homos! 

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Kate Fitz