Healthy Homo Simple Vegetable Soup

Look, let's be honest, a soup is delicious, but sometimes we just don't have the TIME to whip one up quickly!

So here is the worlds quickest and simplest Veggie Soup!

1 Cup Pumpkin (pre roast it if you have time for bonus flavour). 

2 Stalks Celery

1 Carrot

1 Cup Broccoli 

Garlic! I used 4 cloves....

2 CupS Veggie stock

1 Cup Water

Cut everything small, so it cooks quicker, given that you clicked on this because you want "Ten Minute Meals" right.

Add stock and water to pan

Add garlic and veggies to fry pan and give them a quick cook through if really in a rush, ten mins, OR ADD to water and bring to boil then simmer if you have 30 mins.


You could add some split peas, barley, beans  shredded chicken, more veggies, prawns, leftover roast meat and it would all still be amazing,

But this, just as it is.. DELICIOUS!

Top with Micro greens or some bok choy to be fancy and double the nutrition!

I had a sneaky side of pan crusted mountain spelt bread sprinkled with parmesan! Yum! Like a healthier Naan. #nobloat

It's not glamourous

But it's tasty and quick.




Kate Fitz