"Kate, seriously if I don't eat chocolate soon I'm going to lose my shit"


PMS is a bitch.
She grabs your heart and makes it hurt, she pulls your mind and throws your sense of self right out of sight.

She gives you pain, physical, emotional, unbearable pain. She throws your moods from the heavens to the hell in a simple, swift moment.

PMS is a naggy, whiney, needy, neurotic, moody and full of cravings thing!

And she visits every

Now as a woman, I know this. 
As a woman in love with a woman
I bloody well know this.

The whole "it must be so much easier with a girl".
Two lots of PMS
Two lots of "fat days"
Simply proves to me that gay is not a choice. No one would choose that!

What I know more is that chocolate seriously helps PMS.
Could be the magnesium, sure!

But, when PMS arrives, the health nut can piss right off and pass the chocolate.

This happened in our house last night and as the late night drive to the servo for a box of TV Snacks or a Mangum almost occurred.....

It didn't.

Jumping up and racing to the kitchen, whipping up 2tbsp coconut oil, 1/4 cup raw cacao, a handful of coconut, 1 tbsp rice malt syrup.
I clumped it into bite sizes pieces, threw it in the freezer and gave Miss PMS the bowl to lick.

I could have been killed last night.
Thank god for this recipe.

Kate Fitz