Failure.... is it really opportunities?


The fitness industry is failing, it's actually pretty darn scary when you look at it.........

True story

The motivational quotes are failing.. because everyone is done with the "Sweat is fat crying" bullshit.

The positive/empowering images are failing, because most of the time they make us feel worse for feeling crap. 

Ans for the toilet selfies and bicep flexes! Lord give me strength - no pun!

What makes me say this? 

Take a glimpse at the world!!!!

The population has NEVER been in worse shape than it is now

"Uncomfortable" is the new normal. Bloated is a daily occurrence. 

Being overweight is more than common. This is not about fat shaming either, far, far from it. This is about living. Being overweight is directly related to SO many diseases. Preventable diseases. But we are OK with this.... it's become NORMAL to be bloated, to be tried! To be ILL!

In FACT THERE IS A SIGNIFICANCE being brought to ILLNESS! To weight loss surgery! 

It breaks my bloody heart! 


Confused. Lost. Stuck and all because the fitness industry make it so god damn hard for the 'Everyday Person' to get started!
They rip them off with shake diets
They push them too hard they hurt
They make memes about them
They make "Healthy" elite! <<----- IT'S NOT!!!

They make being "healthy and happy" SCARY!
Competitive !

It's like Mum's group and the competition about who's baby has what teeth, when it walks or god forbid it grows too fast!

The good news?

It doesn't have to be as hard as you are making it. It doesn't have to be "Instagramable".......... It is easier than you think...... #pinkfitzpromise

There is  ENORMOUS opportunities for those who want to do something about it in a COMMUNITY and with someone who didn't break out of the womb doing yoga and sucking back a Kale Smoothie. 

You see, whilst MOST of the industry are too 'self-involved' to see the bigger picture...

(Just look on Instagram if you don't believe me)

You're looking for ways to improve yourself, your health, your happiness in a DOWN TO EARTH and SUSTAINABLE way. #nofilter

Which immediately puts you at a HUGE advantage to most other people signing up for "Shake diets ... or "juice cleanses" or Weight Watchers... don't even get me started on Jenny.
You see MOST, in fact nearly ALL of my clients have a history with this stuff. I do too.... Tony Ferguson was my man for a while. Shit, that sucked. Weighed in weekly. How EMBARRASSING!!! 
What i'm saying is, whilst "Dani" signs up for her next Master Cleanse, you can be working on your Ultimate Lifestyle .. the Healthy Homo way,..... you get to keep yours. You feel great from the first week...

and Dani, she'll be joining you after her Choc Frappe shake powder causes her IBS and weight gain. Which she will then spend years undoing.
Poor Dani. 
Dani should have picked a lifestyle over a fad.... Just like being gay..... jokes!

The more you can turn the failures of your past into opportunities for YOURSELF to FIND a LIFELONG solution.........the SOONER you get results.

Don't let 1, 2, 3 bad programs and coaches STOP you from finding the ONE right one you need for your ultimate life.

If that was the case i'd still be broke, overweight and drinking daily. 
YOU MUST KEEP GOING! You must find what will work

Because the alternative........ SUCKS. #illness #death #sad #depressed #alone

And speaking of opportunities...

When you invest in my 'Happy, Healthy Homo' Ultimate Lifestyle program

I'll give you a battle-tested Healthy Homo Lifestyle model that has the potential to ENHANCE your life to places you actually can't see right now, 
because you are stuck! 

Whilst giving you more FUN than you EVER thought possible

If that sounds like an opportunity that's too good to pass up?

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And I'll tell you more

Kate "Got ya back" PinkFitz

PS - If you'd rather scroll Facebook and sing "What about me"

Whilst bored having to watch Netflix on a Friday night
Cushion hiding the muffin top and shaking your "dinner shake"

That's cool, 

But that's NOT the type of 'lifestyle' that I teach:

and if that IS your scene..... #shakes

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Kate Fitz