Mussels for your Muscles from My Mrs~~


Well I got the shock of my life when my Mrs whipped up this amazing dish on Christmas day!

It was like out of nowhere she just zipped up the most delicious batch of fresh mussels with ease and minimal effort. Now, that's the way to get it done and make an impression.

When she told me she was doing a mussel dish, I was a little hesitant. I just wasn't in a fishy mood. You know those moods when you don't really want a strong "I was once alive" taste. 

Well, boy oh boy oh bloody boy was I taken aback when these bad boys were delivered to me at the table! Holy Shit! Now, this is a tasty dish! I believe my Italian  goddess has been holding out on me with her family heirloom recipes and kitchen skills!

Now it may have taken some peer pressure from the   PinkFitz Champions     (if you aren't part of this group yet, get on to it) but we finally got the recipe from her ;)

Here it is:



20 Mussels (For a hungry couple)

1 leek

4 Cloves of garlic (if Italian make it 35)

1/4 cup Cream

Half the juice of a lemon

4 Spring onions (chopped)

Ground pepper  and olive oil (2tbsp) of course.


Fry up onions, leek and garlic in a pot, add cream and a little olive oil

Throw mussels in

Lid on

Until they open up


Serve with crusty bread.

I kid you not, these were here directions and it is ACTUALLY THAT EASY.

I'm gobsmacked.


Kate Fitz