Thai Soup To Combat Lesbian Man Flu

      The Easiest Thai Soup Ever - Even an Aussie can nail it!

Who knew lesbians could get Man Flu. It's a bloody gaydemic right about now here in Australia. Now, I'm not one to run to the doctor or the chemist and get them to load me up on pills. Damn straight I did enough damage to my liver in my 20's and I need keep that guy clean from now on! I love the fact that food is medicine and that given the right environment your body will heal itself. 

Years ago a "scotch on ice and a ciggie" would move my cold or flu.. These days I'm not really looking for that "solution"...and it would most possibly kill me.

The Thai people know their stuff, so in the Lesbian Man Flu crisis they are absolutely my go to! I need it spicy, I need it feisty and full of passion  and I need it to make me feel amazing.... 

This doesn't need to be complicated! I've made it SOOOOOOO simple, because, well, you've got Lesbian Man Flu and are on your big ol'e homo death bed right? 

*note - you can actually be fitting fit and healthy and enjoy this soup :) i'm just being a Drama Queer.


1 can Coconut Milk ( do not buy fat free shit)

1 1/2 Tbsp Vegeta Stock (or any vegetable stock but vegeta is AMAZING)

1 Can Baby Corn Spears

1 can Water Chestnuts (no boob jokes please)

1 Can Bamboo Shoots

4 Tomatoes (good for your heart and vitamin C for man flu)

1 Red Capsicum (I don't actually care what colour)

4 Asparagus Spears (moves fluid from man flu )

1 knob Ginger

1 stick lemongrass

1 fresh lime

BASIL AND CORIANDER TO TASTE - I use half a cup each. *herb pig*

1 cup water


add any other vegetables you homo heart desires! I added bok choy, straw  (enoki) mushrooms, string beans, eggplant and just simply went balistic because Man Flu is actually death. So I need the "meddy".

Protein : I went with tofu, but you can have a chook, a cow, a pig, a duck, some shrimp from the barbie mate. Your choice of kill bro.


1 cup water in pot with your vegeta

Add Coconut milk (I hope you paid the extra 0c and grabbed organic)

Cut lemongrass into inch long pieces, you'll want to fish this bad boy out at serving or you could choke.

Add ginger,  grated or peeled and chopped

Add juice of 1 lime 

Bring to boil

Add meat _ you could roast it off if you like or just add when boiling and "poach"

Add hardest vegetables first! Then softer.

Simmer for 6 mins

Now, pour your soup over the veggies like bok choy and enoki mushies in the bowl. They are best eaten raw - barely cooked for maximum benefit... and..... yep, you got it... you have Man Flu so you need it.

Now, grab the bench, wipe your brow and pat yourself on the back for cooking such a feast when you are "sooooo sick".

You should have enough here for 4 serves, and then you'll be fighting fit again and no right to whinge. So i've probably just saved your relationship.

** Garlic garlic garlic ** - Add as much as you want to this dish... garlic is like Man flu's Mother- in-law. They don't get on.  So chuck LOADS it in. Unless your Mother- in-law is awesome like mine and then your Man Flu is staying sweetheart :0




Man Flu Thai Soup
Kate Fitz