I Quit

I quit

Today is the day I stepped into the headquarters of my mind, the office of my emotions and said to the CEO of My Self.

"I quit."

I quit looking for answers

I quit looking for acceptance

I quit seeking reassurance from anyone with an unqualified tongue.

Today is the day that marks the resignation of worthlessness, the end of "not good enough", the demise of mind bullying my own self, today is the day I quit thinking I don't belong.

I quit speaking and seeking from unworthy ears

I quit trusting to those who abuse the gift 

I quit trying to please

I quit wanting to be more of what isn't truly me

I quit being on the "right path" aka your path for me

And this whole "it's part of the journey", well we get that dickwad, this whole life is a journey and we are here to live it. 

But we have two choices on how that journey plays out.

Your rules

Or mine

And I just quit your game mofo.

Today, it's my game.

Today, I pressed START on ME.


What are you going to do?

Kate Fitz