"I Already Know What To Do"

I already know.png

The MOST dangerous words people say to me.... DAILY!

"I know what to do"


EVERY single day I speak with people and EVERY single day people say one thing the same "I already know what to do"


and you know what, they do.


Because "getting healthier" is EVERYWHERE! Of course you know, in theory, what to do!


ANYONE can google a meal plan, ANYONE can start adding exercise into their day.


THAT is not the problem.


The problem is that we GET STUCK with the BELIEF that we know what to do and so we gotta do it alone. Suss it out, work it out, that asking for help is somewhat shameful. We GET STUCK in the belief that we know what to do and yet at the same time we are STUCK in the belief that we can't do it. Fear of failure! It doesn't even MAKE SENSE!


Let me tell you something... NOT asking for help and believing that YOU ALREADY KNOW and yet sitting STUCK in THE SAME PLACE.... is the problem.


What you are eating.., ISN'T the problem.

The exercise you aren't doing... ISN'T the problem


They are SIDE EFFECTS of the ACTUAL problem


The problem is that YOU AREN'T BELIEVING in yourself ENOUGH to ask for help to get OUT of being STUCK.


and yet you are believing that if you keep doing things the same "sussing it out" way that you will get a different result. .... and you don't. Ever.


How much longer do you need to be stubborn and stuck? How's that working out for you?


When will you allow yourself to get help to have the ONE thing that will actually help EVERYTHING...



Self belief.


Because without getting help to believe in YOU, it doesn't matter how many keto, low carb, shake, juice, clean eating meal plans you follow... it won't work.


but it won't.



That's why my '10 Kilos in 10 weeks' program teaches you how to believe in yourself, read your own body, get results you thought you couldn't and build BULLETPROOF momentum.


Because THAT is how you learn to believe in yourself fully and with that, you won't ever need to diet again because a 'bad diet' is by product of bad feelings about YOU.


Don't google "meal plan for weight loss" any longer.


Get to the root, solve the ACTUAL problem and stop being a "I already know" know all without results.


It's exhausting and it will ruin you. Again and again.


See if you are eligible here:


Kate Fitz