Homo Balls - Protein Boosted Snacks!


These balls are AMAZING! Seriously you would not think they were "healthy".... !

Perfect to make as a catch and keep in the fridge, whether they be a mid morning snack, a post workout scoff down or a after dinner treat with a cuppa tea! They are a winner!


  1. I'm going to give YOU THE MOST SIMPLE recipe and you can go ahead and fancy them up as you please! But let's just kickstart off with the basics!



I cup almonds (unsalted)

I cup cashews (unsalted)

3 decent tbs unsweetened cacao powder

18 dates

1/2 cup coconut - to roll them in!

Coconut oil - probably around 2 tbsp



  1. Heat dates in microwave or soak in hot water if anti microwave.
  2. Blend almonds, cashews, dates and cacao <--- this may take a bit of pulse, blend, scrape sides, blend again action. Keep going.
  3. Add coconut oil  You want to make sure your mixture is NOT too runny or too dry- blend again. 
  4.  * If runny, add coconut
  5. * If dry, add a little water - 1 tbsp at a time
  6. You want to be able to grab a tablespoon of mixture and form a ball. Not a sloppy mess. Noone likes a sloppy mess.
  7. Roll into balls 
  8. Roll in cococut
  9. Refridgerate
  10. Wash hands getting mixture off for about 7 hours.

Easy as THAT!

The dates make the sweet as, but feel free to add a little honey if you wish. Although it means it isn't vegan of course.

Please take a pic of your balls and post in the PinkFitz Healthy Homo group.

Meal Prep Tip

Double the recipe and freeze in bulk, taking out a few days worth at a time. Also helps with portion control :) 

Kate Fitz