Meet Cara

This is her story.


In May of 2016 I decided that I wanted to change my life for the better. I wanted the version of me back that loved myself both inside and out…

Before this I had stacked on the weight after injuring myself during my Army service, and in the aftermath of the breakdown of a long-term relationship. I was suffering with depression and though that I may never be able to return to my fit and healthy self, the person that used to love being outdoors and playing sport.

So, I began to convince myself to get up in the morning and go for runs, eat healthy, and be as active as I could be. Initially this worked fine and I began to lose weight, almost 10kgs. I was working out several times a day and eating as healthily as I knew how to, but I was neglecting one crucial area of health and fitness. Up until this point I had been doing all this alone, I had no accountability or support system. Physically I was slowly starting to look and feel, however my thought processes were still based upon negative experiences… the fear of being unloved, the hatred of my body, and the sadness of loneliness.

This is when I found Kate and the PinkFitz community… and my life changed forever.

I still remember my first time speaking with Kate. Telling her about my struggles and fears; and sharing my goals and dreams was both confronting and exciting. I could feel that I was on the precipice of great change in my life. When I look back now most of the goals that I shared with Kate that day I have now achieved or am well on the way to achieving.

Personally my weight lost to date stands at 34.5kgs in total. I have reached new heights in my sporting career, playing 1st grade cricket in Brisbane Premier Grade and am about to debut for the Queensland Country Team in Jan 2017 at the age of 30, proving that its never to late to change your life and follow your dreams.

Professionally I have been given many amazing opportunities in coaching career since improving my fitness and image as a sport & fitness professional. I have now coached at the representative kevel for QLD U18’s women’s cricket team during the 2016 National Championships, and continue to work within the female talent development pathway within QLD Cricket to help other aspiring female athletes pursue their sporting dreams.

In 2017 I am commencing studying a Bachelor of Sports at USC, and I am also studying my Cert III/IV in Personal Training. All this has been inspired by the positivity and passion that Kate shared with me in support of my fitness journey.

I am excited at the opportunities that await me to help others just like Kate helped me. The best thing about the way Kate works with her clients is her honest, practical and holistic approach to health and fitness. She encourages others to be independent and accountable for their own journeys whilst providing a safe and supportive environment. I cannot thank her enough for helping me find myself again.

I am so proud of Cara and I am so grateful for the trust she gave me.

That one phone call.

That one conversation

She trusted me

and I believed in her.

it's a perfect match when you are otherwise down and out.

Well done Cara! I'm truly happy for you and everything this world keeps offering you!

Kate Fitz