Remember this, this Festive Season

Before you shove past the little old lady in the supermarket because you are “so busy”....

Remember she might have sore joints and need to take her time.


Before you beep your horn at the woman trying to get out of the car park without having a head on collision, remember that she may get really anxious when driving busy roads.


Before you get cranky at the shop assistant for not being quick enough, remember she might be working a 60 hour week for all the “busy people”. It’s thanks to people like her the shops are even open.


Before you get shitty because the supermarket has run out of custard, remember you don’t actually live in a third world country and you are pretty bloody privileged to even have custard. Think of the cow with tubes off it’s tits for you to get your custard.


Before you beep your horn at the old man who is driving slowly on the highway, think, maybe he just left his wife in palliative care.


Before you hurry the couple from their table at lunch so you can have yours, maybe this is the only time they get together.


Before you get annoyed at your co worker for being annoyed, or grumpy, maybe her mum just got put in an aged care facility.


Before you push past the people in the toy section so you can buy your gifts, remember maybe this couple can’t have children. Maybe they lost a child.


Remember, there is a story behind the eyes, behind the mood....


Be patient, be kind and don’t be an arsehole. We never know when it’s our last chance, take it whilst you can.


Let’s be Merry this Christmas 🙂


Be the person who made someone’s day, not ruined it.

Kate Fitz