Healthy Homo Chocolate Crackles!


Yep! Sorry but those crackles you were munching on at your childhood parties,.... well.... sorry but all that sugar and hydrogenated oil was making you feel sick and is pretty yuck for your innards.

Anyway, I won't preach, you just want the healthier version right?


Let's get to it then!


2 Cups Puffed Quinoa (or puffed brown rice)

1/2 Cup Desiccated Coconut

3 Tbsp Raw Cacao

125g Coconut oil * (if melted you want to add this until you get that nice covered crackle but not sloppy or dry ok.)

No-one likes a sloppy crackle.

For sweetness - you can use 2 tbsp honey, but if wanting VEGAN please use 1/3 cup of coconut sugar.

That should be sweet enough. If it isn't .. add more. Or better yet cut down on sugar and your tastebuds won't crave it as much.


What To Do?

Get some paper chocolate crackle cups ready for this goodness!

Heat coconut oil, cacao, coconut sugar/honey on low heat, add puffs and coconut, keep stirring gently. Don't smash ya puffs strong hands ;)

Place into your patty paper cups - should make 12, unless you like a good sized crackle, then you will have 6.

Place in fridge until they harden. Done.

That was easy wasn't it?

These are going to be a LOT better at kids parties and you may even get less sugar high fisty cuffs.

Oh and for your lunch box! What a treat!

You can even compress into a slice, place in fridge and cut into squares so you don't look 5 at work :)

Let me know what you think !

Feel free to share with your Gayby friends :)


Kate Fitz