Bloated? Are you full of poop? Constipated I mean?

I recently posted in the Healthy Homo Facebook group about my long history with constipation. Ive had every laxative on the shelf, every herbal remedy, cut nearly everything out of my diet and STILL I was bloated and constipated for 9 days regularly. I went to further lengths and have had colonoscopies, endoscopies all which showed i'm in "perfect health"..... except I knew this couldn't be right.

Then I tried colonic irrigation.......holy poop! <-- pun intended. Well if you don't know what colonic irrigation is..... lemme explain. 

A hose

Up your bum

that pumps water into your colon

and then sucks to drag water and blocked faeces out.

Pain is NOT the word... 

I haven't been through childbirth but I presume the pain I felt was like giving birth put of the wrong hole. 




I cut out dairy, gluten, bread, corn, sugar, meat, stress, enemies, past healing on my sacral chakra or some bloody thing..... and still I looked for more foods to cut out as my jeans continued to not fit over my 7 month pregnant bloat.

Not to mention the lack of wanting to go out socially .. just incase the moment arrived when everything wanted to move and BELIEVE ME, when you need to go after 9 days of nothing.. YOU GO..... and if you are at a mates place ,.... omg...... There was no 'Poo Pourri' a few years back. #facepalm

So alas, FINALLY I found A WINNER!

Now, I WANT to share this with you and let me assure you this ain't no scam type of a deal where I hone in you and your poo so I can sell you stuff forever that won't change you life. This is QUITE SIMPLY  me sharing what I have found that works like a treat for me.

More regular than Christmas.

I must say though, I AM NOT A DOCTOR!~ I guess you'd gathered that. It's not like my name is Dr Healthy Homo. I want to also say that it worked for me, doesn't mean it will absolutely forever work for you... but I'm pretty confident if it can work for me, it can work for you!


What I would like to know though is a little bit about your diet and lifestyle, because there may be a few other little tips I can give you that may help. I promise i'll limit it to to 5 simple questions.

Now, don't be lazy and not fill it in. Because that is just silly! Plus, this is me helping you get to experience a daily poo and that my friend is a wonderful feeling.


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Ready to poo like a champion?
Kate Fitz