What A Transformation!



Look at this Healthy Homo TRANSFORMATION and give them both a HIGH FIVE! #celebrate #vip #champions

Before I give you their experience in their own words I want to say a few things.......

I am blown away by these two, Michelle Swallow and Roz you have taken on EVERY piece of advice I’ve whispered, every tip I’ve offered and you’ve received the incredible results because of this!

You asked for help which takes SO SO much guts and I believe is the hardest part of the whole program!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me and allowing me to show you the next step, one by one! Man, ugh, I’m tearing up typing this!

An incredible 11.5kg loss for Michelle and 24cm from her waist! 24 bloody cm! Just let that sink in for a minute!!

Roz, an amazing 13kg and none of your no longer clothes fit!

These two have eaten amazing food, visited gin festivals, enjoyed a wine and platter and STILL get these results........

Because .........

THIS is a true LIFESTYLE TRANSFORMATION.... Not a bloody “diet”.

Now, Let me give you their own words:

**********^^^Michelle and Roz’s Story************

I have known Kate for many years, so when I saw her site on Facebook it was very exciting. She is such an inspiration having completely turned her life around. I was watching and reading, with increasing interest.

Then the loss of two friends very closely together, made me think about my own health and wellbeing. I needed to do something about my tiredness, aching legs, back and feet, negative self-talk and increasingly awful reflux. I showed the site to my partner Roz every time I saw an amazing recipe, or something made me smile, cry or get excited.

Why we on holiday, we talked about joining up to one of Kate’s programs and contacted her to find out more when we got back. From a phone call, to joining the 10kgs in 10 weeks, (with an individually tailored program), to being part of the VIP group; Kate has created a supportive community. A group of people who are going through the ups and downs every step with you cannot be underestimated. There are weekly webinars, the Pinkfitz app and Kate supporting you via emails and phone calls when needed.

This program is life changing. Roz has not only beaten bloat and severe stomach issues, she is almost at her goal weight. I have a general sense of wellbeing and have never felt so alive. I am sleeping better than I have for years and we have never eaten so much food in our lives!

Years of dieting, feeling like a failure every time it worked and then it didn’t, getting bigger and more unhappy every time, knowing enough about health that I knew I was getting myself ready for a steady decline into an early grave, and seeing the success stories on Kate’s page, helped me make the decision – ‘It was time!’.

Kate has given us a way of being, a lifestyle of health and wellbeing. The food, the recipes, the ‘80/20’ framework and the exercise programs so easily fit into everyday life. We have learnt ‘direction, not perfection’. We can’t recommend Kate, her passion and energy, her realness and support, and well researched Healthy Homo ways enough.

She has truly changed my life.

Michelle Swallow (and Roz Loveless)


What the bloody hell are you waiting for ? #10kilosintenweeks #open

Kate Fitz