1 Girl, 1 Cup Breakfast Party

I know, looks a little fancy doesn't it.

I remember looking at things like these and thinking "who the bloody hell has that much time in the morning". In fact, I still think it.

Good thing about these bad boys, is they can be pre made :) Ta da!

You can also swap bits and bobs around, so it suits your tastes a bit better.

Bottom layer - Steel cut oats. Now, these are the first stop of oats. They just haven't been processed into "rolled" or "quick oats".

Supermarkets sell them. Grab a bag, cook a batch, they keep for a week in sealed container. so don't freak out about needing 20mins just for the oats.

Second layer - Pureed frozen mango. Literally put frozen mango in to my whippity zip zip zapper blender thingy and blended till smooth. That's it. 

* You could use stewed apple, blend mixed berries, stew apricots. Doesn't matter, whatever you have around, blend it or heat it. Done.

Last layer. "Chia pod". I know another fancy bloody name for a simple dish. Literally half a can of coconut milk with 2-3 tbsp of chia seeds - put this in fridge for 10mins so chia seeds would expand and get jelly like while I blasted the mango. Feel free to add a little honey, rice malt or vanilla essence to counter balance the coconut flavour.

Place on top.

Sprinkle some muesli or fruit on top to make it look all stylish like :)

The oats and chia make this a high protein (feeds muscles) breakfast, the coconut milk is good fats for your brain and the fruit is just delicious and for energy.

Seriously guys, give this a go, sometimes some of this "fancy" stuff is just so much easier than it seems. Plus, you won't get the sugar low like you would from crap sugary cereals or the bloat from toast.

Fuel yourself and you will honestly be amazed how much better you can think and perform!

PS: I was a coffee and smoke girl for years, so if your a breakfast skippy, start slow with a smoothie or something like this and get your body in the game :) It'll be worth it. Promise :)


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Kate Fitz