The grass is always greener ... or is it?

I grew up a "poor kid". We ate the dripped fat from the grill on our toast as butter, I wore shoes with holes in them for months before we could upgrade. I walked to school without a jacket. Our cupboards were not full with posh food. Actually, I remember times there was no food except flour and we made pancakes. Kinda. maybe it was edible playdough.

This isn't the "Poor me, I've done it tough, so I understand your life"  vomit though.

This is a story about grass. No, not that grass. Too poor to even buy pot.

You see, growing up where I grew up, people didn't really worry too much about watering lawns or planting gardens. In actual fact, if you did plant something it got stolen and there were usually cars on the "lawns". So, when you did see a house with a beautiful, well manicured lawn it obviously meant this was a well to do family, with loads of money, not a worry in the world and the happiest family moments. They probably played board games after dinner like "real" familes do in the movies.

Our lawn was at one point up to my shoulders. We would make tunnels in it, it was that long. We didn't own a mower, ever. In fact it is only now at 32 that I own a mower. 
I was ashamed.

Green lawn = well adjusted nuclear family.

I believed this to be so true, I have believed it until I reaslised I believed it two days ago.

I remember going to a friends house when I was about 11 and their lawns were amazing, like golf course green. I wanted to roll my body all over it like a staffordshire dog. I didn't, as that would be strange. I may have slobbered a little at that plush, green, fauna carpet, just a little as man I thought it was amazing. This had to be the happiest family I knew. Truth is, the dad bashed the mum and the mother was a closet alco and my friend had suicidal thoughts. At 11. Not so happy right? 
My belief remained though.

Throughout the years I have picked up numerous friends from their family homes and as I roll up to that putting green lawn, I think to myself .......'ah a good, happy family'. Not always though, not always at all. Lonely familes, broken familes, sad people, unhappy people all had nice lawns......... but, my belief stayed.

Even though I was bombarded with situations which dismantled that belief, I wasn't looking. So the belief stayed. I wasn't open. I actually didn't even know that belief was there, until two days ago.

So I ask you to do two things

Ask before you believe

Ask yourself this "Is this true?"


Sometimes we are so bombarded with beliefs we don't even know we believe them

"I can't lose my stomach"
"I'm not that smart"
"I couldn't do that"

Somewhere, somehow you have picked up these beliefs from other people.

Put them down
they aren't yours.

Share with your lawn nazi friends! hehe!

Di Kennedy