Sick to death of starving?

Tips to prevent that starving feeling

Tips to prevent that starving feeling

Healthy Homo Tip

Do you struggle to find time to pack lunch for work?
Maybe grab the cheese and cracker when u get home so you don't have to chop anything?

Let me simplify your whole life.

Chop your veggies. 
I used carrot, spinach, radish, beetroot, alfalfa sprouts, snow peas and capsicum.

Place your portion amount in snap lock bags, release air and snap closed.


Now you can grab a bag and take it to work with a tin of tuna, some marinated chicken (could also be prepared), steak?
Throw in a bowl, a wrap. Done.

Come home from work, throw a steak on and bang salad on the side.

You can also do just veggies bags and throw straight in to the wok or steamer.

Can do the same with fruit and freeze and throw straight in for smoothies.

Yes, u can use jars!

My fridge is set to succeed.

Lemons for lemon water and cause I'm gay

Eggs and green juice for breakfast.
Green apple and peanut butter for snack
Salad and fish for lunch
Dinner salmon and stir fried vege

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Di Kennedy