Save your kids from disease and obesity for gods sake!

This one is gonna hurt.
How much would you pay to save your child from disease? From addiction? From heartbreak?
Go on, give me a figure….. 
Now, go back to when YOU were 4, maybe 5 and think of all the things your learnt….. how to tie your shoelaces, watch the clouds form pictures in the sky, to pain, to count……….
Now fast forward to 10-12yrs. You knew all those things, they were cemented, now you were learning how to communicate a bit better, what to wear, reading body language of kids at school, how to make friends, be a good person……
What else did you learn….. think of your parents…. What did they teach you that didn’t come with a picture book, or including counting and shapes.
They taught you ALL the other stuff. How we speak to each other, how we ask for things, how we talk about our feelings, how to be curious….. they taught us respect and manners.

Now go deeper.
The every single day stuff.

They taught us their habits as adults.
They taught us, through what THEY did, how to eat, the value of food… well nutrition, they taught us a relationship with eating “eat it all or no dessert”. Familiar?
The habit of coming home, cracking a beer and sitting down on the couch..….. do you do that now?
They taught us it was ok for us to refill their drinks, grab Uncle Darryl a beer from the fridge, hell, you may have even been told you could finish the can if you got new ones for Dad and Darryl.
These habits you’ve picked up from your parents, who possibly picked them up from their parents are what YOUR kids are learning now.
Your kids are watching YOU, your every move. They are watching how you deal with stress, how you eat food… do you sit in front of the TV and tell them to be quiet whilst your show is on…. Just like mum did?

Do your kids want you to have another beer so they can stay longer at their friends house? Do they already know you are in a better mood once you have a drink or a smoke……
Are they asking you through their innocent little eyes to move the stinky smoke away from them? Do you?
I remember watching my mum come home and cook with a glass of wine which would soon turn in to a bottle. I followed that habit for 10 years. I even believed I cooked better, “because I am more relaxed”.
I ate the way my family ate until I was 28. Meat, potato and peas. It was ALL I knew. It was all we all knew.
So your kids are watching you drink, eat crap, feel stressed and eat, binge, skip meals and they are going to do EXACTLY the same thing.
They won’t change…. YOU need to.
If you can’t go one full weekend without alcohol, that is severe.
If you are overweight and your kid is heading that way… that is severe.
If your child is picking up your bad habits, then CHANGE them. Because YOUR habits will lead to obesity, diabetes, addictions and sadness for your child.
You can save your child from a world of pain by sucking it up and starting kicking your own arse.

So I ask you again…

How much would you pay to save your child from disease? From addiction? From continuing OLD, out of date habits?

Inbox me and do yourself and your kids a favour.

Let’s straighten you out. In a gay way.

Di Kennedy