Dear Grade 11 Science Teacher

To My Grade 11 Science Teacher

Thank you so much for telling me nothing would become of me.

Thank you for telling that because of the area I was from I wasn't smart.

Thank you for telling my mother that I was a "no hoper" like the rest of the kids from the northern suburbs.

Thank you for not paying attention to me or assisting me when I struggled to learn.

Thank you for everything because what you said made me strong. Your words cut me so deep I just had to prove you wrong.

I learnt to teach myself, I learnt to be resilient. I learnt how to rise above the turkeys and be an eagle.

I learnt not to listen to twats who are bored with their lives and project their own insecurities onto 15 year old kids.

I learnt that ANYBODY can be EVERYTHING.

Thank you

Oh and Ps I'd like to just let you know I now own a global business and change lives daily by believing in people, even before they believe it themselves . If that is what "nothing will become of you" means in your eyes, im dayam proud to not be admired by you.

The moral of the story: Sometimes people say shit you may not like, use it to grow your wings and fly. 

Be everything you want to be. I believe in you.

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